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Dale Medical Center Therapy-Plus

"Research-based solutions for a lifetime of benefits"

Wellness - Physical Therapy - Speech Therapy - Occupational Health - Video Analysis - Sports Therapy - Home Health

Our new Therapy, Wellness & Performance team is ready to assist you in reaching your health and fitness goals. Utilizing the latest in therapy and wellness technology, movement research, and a comprehensive care approach, our expert team of licensed professionals will design and implement a customized program to meet your therapy or wellness needs. For more information, contact Therapy-Plus at (334)445-9081.

Physical & Orthopedic Therapy
Sports Performance & Rehab
Employer & Family Wellness
Cert. Athletic Training & Event Coverage
Home Health Therapy & Care
Industrial & Worksite Therapy
Speech & Voice Therapy
Certified Hand Therapy
Balance/Falls Prevention
Group Fitness & Exercise Specialist

Sports Specific Therapy

Whether you are a competitive team athlete or want to return to your golf game, our Sports Therapy experts are able to help you! Our staff will go to extraordinary lengths to help you overcome a new injury, a chronic muscle strain or training imbalance, or to complete a rapid post-surgical sports therapy rehab program - back to full competitive form! Your rehab will include use of the very best in therapy technology - "just like the pro's do" - including Cold Laser Therapy. Our team is south Alabama's first provider of the Sports Video Analysis Services as well as the GENISYS EMG-Activated Muscle Biofeedback & Electrical Stimulation System. Let us help you accelerate your muscle-firing sequences, sports-specific strength, then on-the-field power & velocity!

Featured Dale Medical Center Therapy Services

Physical & Orthopedic Therapy

Our licensed physical therapists provide "Best Practice" therapy services for all settings - in-patient hospital stay, outpatient, industrial site, sports event site, and home health care. Our orthopedic therapy care features the best in technology, therapist certifications, and a team approach who work closely with each patient's physician - utilizing the latest techniques and protocols of referring orthopedic surgeons from the entire southeast. Our expert team serves patients of all ages and health conditions to alleviate pain and swelling, restore motion and strength, improve function, and restore dynamic lifestyle. The therapists at Dale Medical Center are specially trained in the examination and treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular problems that affect a patient's ability to move and function.

Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Pathologists are a part of our comprehensive rehabilitative team at Dale Medical Center. Their goal is to assist our patients in achieving their maximum level of potential for speech, language, voice/vocal quality, and swallow functions. Our speech therapists are among the very few in the state of Alabama who are Certified to offer Vital-Stim®, (a non invasive electrical stimulation to restore or improve swallow function). Our speech therapy services are offered to children, adults, and senior citizens - in all settings of during hospital stays, out-patient, and home health care.

Home Health Services

Licensed Physical Therapy, Certified Hand Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy provide specialized home health setting therapy to our citizens of Ozark and Dale County through Dale Medical Center Home Health Agency. Our expert therapists and highly skilled nursing team work closely with the patient's physician, patient and authorized family members. We provide the highest level of home care possible with self-care techniques, patient and family education, caregiver training, certified home health aide services, home safety and prevention strategies, and full coordination of the members of the patient's home health team. Our home health care team meets the highest standards of JCAHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

Balance/Falls Prevention

For proper balance and smooth movements in your lifestyle, your brain, muscles, and joints must work in proper coordination. Whether you are walking, rising from a chair, climbing stairs, or reaching down into a kitchen cabinet, your balance must be "in tune" to prevent a fall. Strength, flexibility, and smooth/coordinated movement patterns can now be evaluated at Therapy-Plus, using research-based methods, to identify each person's unique deficits and fall risks. Based on this unique evaluation process, our Therapists provide you the necessary gait training and specialized balance exercise program to maximize safety and mobility.

Certified Hand Therapy

The "CHT" (Certified Hand Therapist) credential is recognized as a benchmark for excellence in advanced specialty credentialing in health care. The intricate anatomy of the arm and hand frequently requires very delicate surgery, often with microscopic techniques which necessitate a high level of competence by therapists. Our Certified Hand Therapist provides this high level of competency in hand therapy, customized splinting, and specialized care needed following hand/wrist surgery.

Serving: Ozark, Daleville, Ft. Rucker, and Dale County.
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