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DMC Board Members Earn Certification

Billy Paramore, Larry Ezell, and Larry Clark board members at Dale Medical Center, were recently recognized for their achievement in becoming Certified Hospital Trustees.

The certification program was established by the Alabama Hospital Association, in conjunction with the Alabama Council of Hospital Trustees, to encourage continued leadership development and knowledge of the health care system among hospital board members.

"Hospitals and other health care providers are in a time of tremendous transformation, so it's imperative that their boards be effective," said J. Michael Horsley, FACHE, president of the Alabama Hospital Association. "The certification program is one way to ensure that individual board members understand their roles and responsibilities and are prepared for and responding to the changing environment."

According to Horsley, trustees who enroll in the certification program must fulfill a set of requirements on an annual basis that measure participation, basic knowledge, continuing education and other skill sets vital to effective governance. The program is voluntary and is offered to hospitals statewide.

"We had approximately 100 men and women certified this year," added Horsley. "The program is one way hospitals can help ensure purposeful and highly productive hospital governance and individual board members can demonstrate their commitment to the communities the hospital serves."

"By earning their certification, these men have proven their commitment to serving our hospital and community. Dale Medical Center is what it is today because of their strong leadership for which we are grateful, said Vernon L. Johnson, CEO
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