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Dale Medical Center
126 Hospital Avenue | Ozark, Alabama 36360 Phone: 334-774-2601

New Day Behavioral

Mission Statement:

It is the goal of New Day Behavioral to establish within the community and the Wiregrass Area an understanding for the need of supportive Psychiatric Treatment through appropriate care and education.

What is New Day Behavioral?

New Day Behavioral is a 25-bed multi-functioning short-term inpatient mental health facility that provides supportive 24 hour-nursing care. Located inside Dale Medical Center, the New Day unit offers a 12-bed geriatric unit specializing in meeting the emotional, behavioral and physical needs of individuals 55 years of age as well as the elderly. Our separate 13-bed adult unit provides treatment for those 19 years and older experiencing setbacks of long-term mental health problems along with those faced with situational issues that are causing extreme stress, anxiety, depression and other life-altering difficulties.

The New Day Behavioral Treatment Team:

Licensed Social Workers/Discharge Planner
Activity Therapist
Outreach Coordinator
Mental Health Technicians
Licensed Counselors
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapists
Medical Specialists

Symptoms and Behaviors Appropriate for Inpatient Care:

Severe changes in eating or sleeping habits
Thought or attempts of suicide or severe self-mutilating behavior
Forgetfulness, confusion or disorientation
Loss of energy; fatigue
Obsessive, delusional or bizarre behavior
Auditory and or visual hallucinations
Decline in ability to perform daily activities or lack of interest in personal appearance
Feelings of guilt or worthlessness or abuse that is a risk to self or others

What is Admission Criteria?

The patient must be 19 years or older.
The patient must be medically stable and able to participate in the psychosocial program.
The patient must have received (non-hospital) treatment without success or is exhibiting behaviors that make alternative treatment inappropriate.
The patient has recently attempted suicide or has explicit suicidal thinking.
The patient has been physically assaultive to a degree that threatens the life or safety of themselves or others.
The patient has engaged in significant self-mutilating behavior.
The patient is suffering from an acute onset or worsening of psychotic symptoms that put them at risk.
The patient has experienced an acute onset of severe mental anguish to the extent that the patient cannot function outside of an inpatient setting.
Deterioration of the patient's coping skills or ability to care for themselves that jeopardizes their safety or others.
The patient (if mentally stable) must agree to voluntary admission.
The patient (if mentally unstable) has been committed by the court.

All admissions are determined by the Psychiatrist

Services Offered:

Clinical and Psychological Assessments
Patient Education and Discharge Planning
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)
Group and Individual Therapy
Nutritional Assessment
Medication Management
Discharge/Aftercare Planning
Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
Structured Activities
Laboratory and X-Ray Services

Who pays for Inpatient Psychiatric Care?

Tri Care
Most Private Insurance

The New Day Behavioral Unit is under the medical direction of Southeast Psychiatric Services

For more information on how to refer a patient for a free confidential consultation, Please Call:
(334) 774-7352 or (334) 774-2601 ext. 1090

"Providing Hope to Begin a New Day"